The Memoflex® Gel is the bling of the steering wheel cover. It is an elastomeric transluscent gel system that dissipates more shock than any other product on the market. The gel forms a superior fluid barrier between the steering wheel and the steering wheel cover. The firmness or softness of our "Memoflex Gel" is essential to controlling rebound and compression so we can achieve our main goal of increasing the driver hand, wrist and forearm strength.


Just Squeeze It® is a "one of a kind" detachable steering wheel cover designed to be used to improve the strength of the user's hands, wrists and forearms equally at the same time.

There are thirty-five powerful muscles which control hand movement, Fifteen are in the forearm and twenty are in the hand.

These muscles are divided into four muscle groups: the flexors which close the fingers; the extenders that open them; the abductors that spread the fingers apart; and the abductors which bring them together.

These muscles are arranged in opposing pairs to stabilize and balance each other's actions.

To gain maximum strength and improve dexterity and coordination, counterbalancing muscles must be strengthened equally. If they are not, injury or strain may result from this imbalance.

The hands play a critical role in regards to the development of other parts of the body.

Athletes sometime overlook the importance of hand strength in their sport.

Well-conditioned hands maintain a strong hold, allow freer wrist movement and cope with faster action and greater force. Strong hands produce greater power and will improve accuracy, control and endurance.

By adjusting wrist positions, all major muscle-groups in the wrist and forearm can be isolated and exercised, as can the thumb and fingers. 

Just Squeeze It® steering wheel cover that provides therapeutic method of increasing grip strength in most common vehicles, golf cart's, trucks and RVs.